Mist of God

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Claude REGY 
Director. Born in 1923. He started his directing career in 1952 and while staying original, without joining any particular theater or theatrical group, has performed many contemporary artists’ pieces such as Marguerite Duras, Harold Pinter, and Jon Fosse. Since 1981, he has taught at The Conservatoire du Paris, and has continued to inspire young directors and actors. After the 90’s, Jon Fosse’s Quelqu’un va venir (’99), Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis (staring Isabelle Huppert, ’02) became the topic of conversation, and the first ever Japanese performance of Fernando Pessoa’s Ode Maritime at the Spring Arts Festival Shizuoka in 2010 was eaten up by the Japanese audience.


Stage Film/FRANCE

9 June at 11:30 ■22 June at 10:30 / 16:45

Duration: 96 minutes
In French with English subtitles

■BOX Theatre, Shizuoka Performing Arts Park


Directed by Alexandre BARRY
According to “Brume de Dieu” of Claude RÉGY
Except of “The Birds” of Tarjei VESAAS
Translated by Régis BOYER
Performed by Laurent CAZANAVE
Produced by LGM Télévision, Les Ateliers Contemporains, M_MEDIA


It is mid Summer. Mattise has no job and cuts grass all day. One day, he is shocked to see the death of a Eurasian Woodcock when hit by a stone and he is made a fool when he tells the story to his younger sister Heg. On another day, Mattise is asked by his younger sister to catch a fish in the lake. He sets out the boat, peers out across the way and then notices that water is seeping in. Although he notices, what he thinks about… is fish…and what had happened with his sister the night before…