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Directed by Satoshi Miyagi
Original text by Euripides
Music by Hiroko Tanakawa
Music by Hiroko Tanakawa
Performed by Micari, Kazunori Abe, Naomi Akamatsu, Makiko Ikeda, Moemi Ishii, Kouichi Ohtaka, Sachiko Kataoka, Kotoko Kiuchi, Yumi Sakakibara, Yu Sakurauchi, Yuya Daidomumon, Rie Takazawa, Miki Takii, Tomokuni Nakaya, Maki Honda, Keita Mishima, Soichiro Yoshiue and Yoichi Wakamiya
19 and 26 June at 19:30
Open Air Theatre UDO, Shizuoka Performing Arts Park
Duration: 80 minutes

Satoshi Miyagi’s masterpiece is finally resurrected in Shizuoka!


A great success in 10 countries and 19 cities! Right back from the Ibero-American Theatre Festival in Colombia this April, the heroic performance is once more on the outdoor stage of Shizuoka!

Since its premiere in 1999 and the following performance at the first Shizuoka Spring Arts Festival, Medea has been shown in 10 countries (Korea, Russia, Italy, France, India et al.) and 19 cities and today is regarded as one of Satoshi Miyagi’s masterpieces. The ancient tragedy of Medea, killing her own son to revenge husband Jason’s betrayal, is revived in Japan’s Meiji Period. All text is delivered by male “speakers” who sit in the back to form the chorus, providing the voices for the female “movers”. For many years, Satoshi Miyagi has perfected the performance style in which each role is separated into “speaker” and “mover”. This gives the story a new dimension, and finally the women dominated by words start to rebel… As one of the most stunning successes of Miyagi Satoshi’s method – the unity of word, movement, and live music tragedy as festivity – Medea has been highly acclaimed across countries and cultures. Once again after 10 years the performance of Medea’s magnificent revenge lights its fire in the forest of Nihon-Daira.