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Directed and Choreographed by Yudi Ahmad Tajudin
Installation Art Images by Mella Jaarsma
Music by Risky Summerbee and The Honeythief
Lighting by Ignatius Sugiarto
Performed by Teater Garasi
25 and 27 June at 19:30
Café Cinderella in Shizuoka Arts Theatre
Duration: 60 minutes

“The crowd = people’s energy” constructs the city!


An amazing evening given by an unconventional performance!
Yogyakarta hullaballoo reigns in Café Cinderella!

For two days, the Indonesian cutting-edge performance group Teater Garasi’s hometown Jakarta appears in SPAC’s café Cinderella. “Je.ja.l.an” is the Indonesian expression for “crowded street”. A party seems to be starting, when unnoticed a stage appears in front of the spectators. Je.ja.l.an is a dance-theatre and theatre of images. A performance about the contradictions and contestations taking place in the street life in Indonesian cities. The performance evokes the harsh contrasts between the modern and the traditional (of the worldview and ways of life), between the urban and the rural, the elite and the common, the dominant and the marginal, the noble and the humble, and other contradictions found in third-world countries. A surprisingly stylish journey into the wild and exuberant atmosphere of the city.

Collaboration: Garuda Indonesia
Sponsored by: Embassy of Indonesia

Yudi Ahmad Tajudin

One of the founders and the artistic director of Teater Garasi: The Laboratory of Theatre Creations, a leading experimental theatre in Indonesia based in Yogyakarta. He has directed most of Teater Garasi’s works since it was founded in 1993.
In 2000, sponsored by AFAA (Association Française d’Action d’Artistique) Tajudin was invited to attend the Avignon Festival in France and participated in the Indonesia-Japan Theatre Collaboration, Whalers in the South Seas, directed by Yoji Sakate and sponsored by The Japan Foundation.
In 2002, Tajudin started the Waktu Batu project based on the texts and re-interpretation of three Javanese mythologies concerning ‘Time’, Javanese history and its juxtaposition with critical transition and modernity in contemporary Indonesia. In 2004, Waktu Batu #3, Deus Ex Machina and My Feelings For You, the last version of the Waktu Batu series, was performed at the Art Summit Festival in Jakarta. It was also performed at the In Transit Festival in Berlin, 2005, and at Morishita Studio in Tokyo in 2006.
In 2006, Yudi Ahmad Tajudin directed Mnem’’a’’syne, a collaborative performance project between Theatre Garasi and Ku Nauka Theatre Company.