Bolívar, fragmentos de un sueño [ Bolivar, fragments of a dream ]

※Due to the effects of the great disaster in the Tohoku region, the Columbian musicians for performance, Bolivar, Fragments of a Dream, are not able to reach Japan. Director and main actor Omar Porras has expressed his determination to have the show go on even if it comes down to one actor, one chair and one candle.


Directed by Omar Porras
Written by William Ospina
Music composed and directed by Erick Bongcam
Performed by Omar Porras, etc
2 July at 16:00 ・ 3 July at 12:30

Shizuoka Arts Theatre
Duration:105 minutes
In Spanish with Japanese subtitles

200th year of Columbia, 20th year of Teatro Malandro!
First time Omar Porras creates own original in own country.

Bolivar, Fragments of a Dream, an anniversary production marking the passing of 200 years from the founding of Columbia, is a story about the key figure for the liberation of Latin America, Simon Bolivar. This is the first “selfish” piece that the Columbian director/actor Omar Porras has made in his home country since crossing seas to Europe when he was 20. This also marks the 20th year of Porras’ theater group Teatro Malandro.

Porras plays the role of Bolivar himself, overlapping his life spent working away from home with that of Bolivar’s. Rocking between the two cultures of Latin America and Europe you will find the split man who gave his life in pursuit of identity. You can expect great things from the might of Porras.