The legendary performance comes back to life!
Celebrative play of explosive Asian power

What if the Indian national epic poem Mahabharata had its turn in Japan aswell… Satoshi MIYAGI’s directorial plan stemmed from this imaginative question. If it were the Heian Period, this curious story would surely be depicted in a beautiful scroll painting. With wardrobes from the Heian Royal Family and settings that will remind you of the Nebuta Festival, be dazzled by the gorgeous scroll painting world. In this celebrative play, Satoshi MIYAGI, who has traveled to, performed, and strengthened ties with local theatre people in India, Pakistan, China, Tibet, Indonesia, Korea and Singapore, gives us an eruption of what he has gathered and stored from Asian theatre, all at once.

A live performance overflowing with realness
Art and Wardrobe outstanding with originality

In this Satoshi MIYAGI piece, the dynamic realness from actors and actresses live percussion performance is a huge attraction too. The groove fabricated by the trinity of “Story”, “Movement” and “Rhythm” pull the audience in to the world of theatre. We recommend paying close attention to how the music of the performers’, while linking with the audience, creates dimensions that move along the story. As represented by the Koi Nobori from The Castle Tower and the tattoo covering in Medea, the originality and beauty of the wardrobe in MIYAGI’s pieces are also attractions that by matching with unique stage art, build a never before seen mystical world. Going hand in hand with the original stage art, an unparalleled fantastic world is built before your eyes.


Directed by MIYAGI Satoshi

Text by KUBOTA Azumi (based on Indian Classic)

Music directed by TANAKAWA Hiroko

Performed by ABE Kazunori, AKAMATSU Naomi, IZUMI Yoji, ITO Megumi, OUCHI Yoneji, OHTAKA Kouichi, SAKURAUCHI Yu, DAIDOMUMON Yuya, TAKII Miki, TERAUCHI Ayako, MAKIYAMA Yudai, Micari, YAMASHITA Tomochi, YOSHIUE Soichiro, etc

■2 June at 19:30
■10 June at 19:00
■16 June at 19:30
■23 June at 19:30

Open Air Theatre UDO, Shizuoka Performing Arts Park
Duration:90 minutes
In Japanese with English subtitles


The princess Damayanti of unsurpassed beauty and the brave prince Nala. These two hold an enormous wedding with the blessings from the gods. The kingdom of which Nala rules prospers, and it was thought the couple would live happily ever after. However, the happiness is broken by a curse from demonic Kali who is jealous of Nala. Nala, who is now possessed by Kali, deviates in gambling and loses all of his property. Finally, Nala loses even his kingdom to his younger brother and sets out, along side Damayanti, to be vagabonds. However, overcome with insanity due to the curse, he leaves behind even his wife Damayanti. The couple, now forced apart, follow their own curious destinies in search for eachother.

Profiles of Artists

Satoshi MIYAGI Born in 1959, in Tokyo, MIYAGI Satoshi studied Aesthetics at Tokyo University where in 1990, he founded a new theatre company “KU NA’UKA” and went on to create many international level performances. He is most renowed by fusing the physical technique and fashion of Asian theatre with contemporarily interpreted text. He took position as General Artistic Director for SPAC in April of 2007. His work won the Grand Prix of the 3rd Asahi Performing Arts Award (2004) and the 2nd Asahi Beer Art Prize (2005).