Arts Theatre

Shizuoka Arts Theatre is a specialized facility located in the central tip of the GranShip building (Shizuoka Convention & Arts Center). It is a theatre space with an atmosphere of calm luxury, with brick walls surrounding the deep crimson of the seats and the darkness of the stage. They both take up exactly half of this horseshoe-shaped space that does not have a proscenium, making the two feel very close. Located on the top floor of the building is a room for rehearsal and a room for costume production. We are fully equipped with facilities for both the creation and the performing of the arts. [Designed by ISOZAKI Arata]

Shizuoka Arts Theatre
Demon Lake
Yashagaike (Demon Lake)
Directed by MIYAGI Satoshi (2009)
A Midsummer Night's Dream
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Directed by MIYAGI Satoshi (2011)

semi-open theatre
Seating capacity(fixed) 401 [Wheelchair seats 2, Family room 1 (4 seats)]
Foyer, Cloakroom, Dispensary, Cafe, Dressing rooms 7
Open width 16.2m, Stage depth 16.3m, Grid height 19m
Ceiling bridges 3, Lighting bridges 3
Lighting bars 1, Fly bars 10
Lifts 3
Total capacitance 500KVA
Dimmer circuits (60A) 32, (30A) 114, (20A) 284