Spinning Gears

A novel written by AKUTAGAWA Ryunosuke in his final years is adapted into a performance by TADA Junnosuke.
Released after the author’s suicide in 1927, the novel “Spinning Gears” depicts a man writing a novel in a hotel in Tokyo at which he stays for a few days to attend his acquaintance’s wedding ceremony. He keeps working on writing as a way to keep his head together through the fear of destruction and death triggered by the news of his brother-in-law’s death. The main character provokes the image of the author himself, who was also facing the shadow of the approaching death at the time of writing the novel. This is the first SPAC program directed by TADA Junnosuke, a director with increasing domestic and international recognition as the head of theatre company Tokyo Deathlock and Artistic Director at Cultural Centre of Fujimi City, KIRARI FUJIMI.
Conceived and directed by TADA Junnosuke
Original text by AKUTAGAWA Ryunosuke

Performed by




24 November, Saturday 14:00  *Shuttle bus from Eastern Shizuoka
     *Post-performance talk
25 November, Sunday 14:00  *Guidance for theatre beginners
1 December, Saturday 14:00  *Shuttle bus from Tokyo
     *Post-performance talk
2 December, Sunday 14:00  *Backstage tour
     *Post-performance talk
8 December, Saturday 14:00  *Backstage tour
9 December, Sunday 14:00  *Backstage tour
     *Nursery service
15 December, Saturday 14:00  *Post-performance talk
     *Nursery service


Venue:Shizuoka Arts Theatre access

In Japanese without English subtitles

Performances for junior and high-school students

The mark “*” means the performances that have available seats for general audience. (The tickets are limited.)

22 November, Thursday at 13:30
28 November, Wednesday at 18:00
29 November, Thursday at 13:30
4 December, Tuesday at 13:30
5 December, Wednesday at 13:30
7 December, Friday at 14:00
11 December, Tuesday at 13:30
12 December, Wednesday at 13:30
13 December, Thursday at 10:30/14:30

Related events

Pre-Performance Talk: Starting 25 minutes before each performance.

Post-performance talk by the artists and guests: after the performance.
24 November, Saturday
1 December, Saturday
2 December, Sunday
15 December, Saturday

Meet us at Cafe Cinderella!
After the performance, the actors will come to see you off in their stage costumes. We hope you will take this opportunity to interact with the actors!

バックステージツアーBackstage tour
The technical staff will take you on a special backstage tour. You can also ask us your questions about the stage.
2 December, Sunday
8 December, Saturday
9 December, Sunday

Every day, after the performance
Time: About 30 minutes
In Japanese
Free of charge. Reservation required. Up to 40 people.

Guidance for theatre beginners
SPAC actors will give beginner audiences a lecture on what to look for and pay attention to before the performance. This event can be participated in by both those seeing the performance for the first time and repeaters.
25 November, Sunday at 12:30
Time: About 60 minutes
In Japanese
Free of charge. Reservation required. Up to 20 people.

Shuttle bus to Shizuoka Arts Theatre

<From Eastern Shizuoka>
24 November, Saturday
Departure from Shuzenji-station to Shizuoka Arts Theatre
10:10 Shuzenji-station(South exit) → 11:05 Mishima-station(North exit) → 11:40 Numazu-station(North exit) → 13:00 Shizuoka Arts Theatre

<From Tokyo>
1 December, Saturday
9:30 Shibuya → 13:00 Shizuoka Arts Theatre

*Returning bus will run after Post-performance talk / Backstage tour.
**Reservation is required.

Ticket Price

4,100 yen (One viewing for regular adult)

SPAC Membership Discount
3,400 yen (One viewing for regular adult)

Pair Discount
3,600 yen per person

Group Discount
3,200 yen per person for group of 3 or more

Senior Discount
3,400 yen for seniors over 60
*Please present ID at door

Student Discount
2,000 yen (University)
1,000 yen (High School and under)
*Please present school ID at door

Handicap Discount
2,800 yen (for those who possess handicap passbook)

*Cannot use more than one discount per purchase.
*Please inform use of discount when making reservation.

How to Purchase

Prior Reservation for Membership begins: 23 September at 10:00
Advance Tickets Sale begins: 30 September at 10:00

●Online reservations
– Please enter from the language button “English”.
– Payment is possible with the following credit cards: DC, UFJ, NICOS, VISA, and Master. Tickets purchased through this website can be received at the venue from one hour prior to each performance.

●Phone reservations
from 10:00-18:00 at SPAC ticket center
TEL. +81-(0)54-202-3399

●Purchase at BOX Office
SPAC ticket center (10:00-18:00)

●Purchase at Seven Eleven
Please use Multi Copy Machine inside stores

Day Ticket
Available at the entrance counter for leftover seats, from one hour prior to each performance.
*Please confirm ticket availability on the day by phone or by visiting Twitter (@_SPAC_)

*Ticket reservations will finish at 18:00 on the day before the performance.

Please refrain from taking infants to the ordinary seats.

[Nursery room] (up to three children, based on a first come first served basis; reservation required)
SPAC provides a nursery room where you can watch the performance with your infant children.

[Nursery service] 
Please contact us at least one week in advance if you would like to use the free nursery service run by volunteers.
9 December, Sunday
15 December, Saturday
Coverage: Infants aged two and over


Lighting design: IWAKI Tamotsu
Stage design: FUKASAWA Eri
Costume design: OOKA Mai

Stage manager: FURUYA Kazumi, MITSU Hisashi
Lighting operation: HIGUCHI Masayuki
Sound: HARADA Shinobu, HAYASHI Tetsuya
Stage: KAMIYA Toshiki
Art work: SATO Yosuke
Technical director: MURAMATSU Atsushi
Production: NAKAO Eiji, UCHIDA Toshiko
Flyer design: ABE Taichi (TAICHI ABE DESIGN INC.)

Produced by SPAC-Shizuoka Performing Arts Center
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan through the Japan Arts Council