Romeo and Juliet

“The universally recognized masterpiece of tragic romance, artfully crafted under the superb direction of Mr. Omar PORRAS.”

Mr. Porras is known for the work he does in integrating the classical with the modern, and the oriental culture with that of the west. He has already shocked and awed audience members with his production of “Don Juan” by using unique and individualized masks to tremendous effect. He also captivated audiences with his production of “Bolivar, Fragments of a Dream” set in the wilderness of South America. Now, the eclectic and eccentric Mr. Porras has the challenge of conjuring up a rendition of Shakespeare’s classic masterpiece, Romeo and Juliet.

As for the performers, not only does the cast list boast a great many veteran actors from SPAC, but it also includes talented english, french and québécois actors from Mr. Porras’s own theatre company, Teatro Melandro. These actors must overcome both linguistic and theatrical boundaries as they strive to create harmony within a production riddled with styles ranging from Latin rhythm to traditional Japanese dance.

While the show is currently only scheduled for a run in Shizuoka, there are already several theaters that have expressed an interest in mounting the show in Europe once this run closes. So, who knows where this fresh, new production might wind up!

Adapted and directed by Omar PORRAS
Original text by William SHAKESPEARE
Japanese text translated by KAWAI Shoichiro
French text translated by Francois-Victor Hugo
Adapted by Marco SABBATINI and Omar PORRAS
Japanese text by YOSHINO Mai

OUCHI Yoneji, KIJIMA Tsuyoshi, TAKEISHI Morimasa, TATENO Momoyo, Micari, YAMAMOTO Miyuki, YOSHIMI Ryo, WATANABE Takahiko, Louis FORTIER, Pierre-Yves Le LOUARN, Sophie BRECH

Production: SPAC – Shizuoka Performing Arts Center, Teatro Malandro

Espace Malraux Scene Nationale de Chambery et de la Savoie
Centre National de Creation et de Diffusion Culturelles de Chateauvallon

La Ville de Geneve, Departement de la Culture, Republique et Canton de Geneve, Pro Helvetia, Fondation Suisse pour la Culture, La Loterie Romande, Fondation Leenaards, La Fondation pour la promotion de lieux pour la culture emergente.

In Japanese and French with Japanese subtitle

Blog: Creation of “Romeo and Juliet”


Shizuoka Arts Theatre
79-4 Ikeda, Suruga-ku Shizuoka City, Shizuoka, JAPAN 422-8005
Please find details on our access page
or contact SPAC ticket center (+81-54-202-3399).


November 24th (Sat) at 16h00, 25th (Sun) at 14h00
December 1st (Sat) at 16h00, 2nd (Sun) at 14h00, 8th (Sat) at 16h00, 9th (Sun) at 14h00

Rendez-vous at Café Cinderella
Let’s enjoy chats with actors just after viewing the show. Join us at Café Cinderella.

Artistic talk session
November 24th (Sat) KAWAI Shoichiro (Tokyo University), Omar PORRAS and MIYAGI Satoshi
December 1st (Sat) ONODERA Syuji (Director) and MIYAGI Satoshi
December 8th (Sat) KASAI Akira (Choreographer) and MIYAGI Satoshi

Special talk session
November 25th (Sun)
“Theatre for Omar PORRAS – Colombia, Europe and Shizuoka”
By Omar PORRAS moderated by YOKOYAMA Yoshiji (Dramaturg, SPAC)

Backyard tour
December 2 (Sun) and 9 (Sun)

Limousin bus

-From Shibuya, Tokyo (1,000 JPY/ one way)
November 24th (Sat), 25th (Sun) , December 1st (Sat), December 8th (Sat)

– From Hamamatsu, Shizuoka (Free of charge)
December 2nd

– From Mishima / Numazu, Shizuoka (Free of charge)
December 9th

*Please find details on our bus page or contact SPAC ticket center (+81-54-202-3399).

Performance day for Junior and High school Students

November 19th (Mon)13:00, 20th (Tue)12:00, 21 (Wed) 13:30, 26 (Mon)13:45, 27(Tue)18:30, 28(Wed)18:30, December 3rd (Mon)12:30, 4th (Tue)13:30, 5th (Wed)13:30, 6th (Thu)11:00/14:30, 7th (Fri)13:30, 10th (Mon) 13:30, 12 (Wed)13:30, 13th (Thu)13:30, 14th (Fri)13:00


General 4,000 JPY/University student 2,000 JPY/under High school student 1,000 JPY

*Furthermore, other valuable disccount service are available.
Please check details on our ticket page or or contact SPAC ticket center (+81-54-202-3399).


Assistant director: Fabiana MEDINA
Technical director: MURAMATSU Atsushi
Scenery decoration: Omar PORRAS (Scenography is inspired by interior design of “DAENDO” in Shizuoka Performing Arts Park)
Scenography adviser: Amelie KIRITZA-TOPOR
Scenography: FUKASAWA Eri, SATO Yosuke
Stagehands: ICHIKAWA Kazumi, SATO Kiyoshi, NAGANO Masahito
Composer: Alessandro RATOCI
Sound designer: Emmanuel NAPPEY
Sound: NISHIZAWA Rieko, KOJIMA Yoshimasa
Lighting designer: IWASHINA Takeaki (Saitama Arts Foundation)
Lighting operator: KOBAYAKAWA Hiroya
Lighting: MATSUMURA Ayaka
Costume: KOMAI Yumiko, OKAMOTO Takako, IWASAKI Akiko, OKAMURA Eiko, OOKA Mai
Costume adviser: DOMOTO Kyoko
Costume assistants: ICHIKAWA Akiko, SEI Chigusa
Wig and make-up designer : Veronique NGUYEN
Wig and make-up assistant: HATA Jennifer Yuki
Swordfight: SEKI Takanoshin
Interpreter: ISHIKAWA Hiromi, Blandine DELETOILLE
Press & Communication: Sara DOMINGUEZ
Administration: Florence CRETTOL
Production and subtitle: SAEKI Kazato, ITO Naoko
Intern: Taylor HELMBOLDT