Open-air Performing Arts Festival under Mt. Fuji 2019 in Fukuroi


SPAC’s open-air theater is coming to Fukuroi!

At the Open-Air Performing Arts Festival under Mt. Fuji, theater plays are performed in public spaces, such as squares, parks, and streets. This year, the festival is going to be held in conjunction with Fukuroi City’s promotional event for the Rugby World Cup 2019, titled Fukuroi Open-air Music and Arts Festival in Tsukiminosato. At this event, SPAC will play an outdoor program, Run, Melos! -Fukuroi Version-.
Don’t miss out on the dynamic performance by SPAC performers, running this way and that way around the square.

TOKYO2020 Cultural Olympiad

Open-air Performing Arts Festival under Mt. Fuji 2019 in Fukuroi

Run, Melos! -Fukuroi Version-

Conceived and directed by YAMADA Hiroyuki (Uniquepoint)
Original text by DAZAI Osamu

Performed by SPAC



NAGAI Sayako



Music director: YASUTOMI Furuta (Uniquepoint)

Music performance: SHIMAZAKI Atsushi, Asumi

Sound: ISHIYAMA Ichiro ( music)

Assistant direction: FURUICHI Hiroki, YAMADA Ai (Uniquepoint)

Production: TANJI Haru, NISHIMURA Ai (SPAC)



21 September, Saturday 11:00 / 15:00

At Tsukiminosato Park Access
*Performances will be held even if it rains.

Admission free, no reservation required
Duration: approx. 40 minutes (expected)
Organized by the Committee of the Open-air Performing Arts Festival under Mt. Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture

Cosponsored by Fukuroi City, Fukuroi City Board of Education

Cooperated by Fukuroi Open-air Music and Arts Festival in Tsukiminosato

Approved by Fujinokuni Arts Festival

Shizuoka KMC(Kids Meet Culture) Project

芸術回廊ロゴ      170131beyond2020_logo


Tsukiminosato Gakuyukan Workshop Center
Tsukiminosato Park

The Tsukiminosato Gakuyukan Workshop Center was designed by HASEGAWA Itsuko, an architect from Shizuoka Prefecture. This complex workshop center opened in 2001 and has a hall, workshop rooms, a library, a swimming pool, and a fitness room. Tsukiminosato Park was designed as an integrated facility with the adjoining Workshop Center. It has an open-air stage, a multi-purpose room, and a play pool. It is local residents’ favorite place to relax. (Japanese)

Fukuroi Open-air Music and Arts Festival in Tsukiminosato

ふくろい野外音楽・芸術フェスタin月見の里In addition to SPAC’s open-air program, various other musical performances, exhibitions, and workshops will be held. There will also be an area where visitors can try rugby.

21 September, Saturday

At Tsukiminosato Gakuyukan Workshop Center, Swimming Pool, Tsukiminosato Park

Tsukiminosato Gakuyukan Workshop Center (4-3-7 Kamiyamanashi Fukuroi city Shizuoka prefecture)
Tel.0538-49-3400 (9:00-17:00 / closed on Thursday)

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YAMADA Hiroyuki
yamada_photoPlaywright, stage director, head of Theater Company Uniquepoint, art director at Shirokono Theatre. After living in Tokyo and directing stages in Japan and overseas for about 25 years, Yamada moved to Shizuoka in 2015 and opened Shirokono Theatre in Fujieda City in 2018. Since then, he has expanded his creative fields while being deeply involved with the local community.

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