Hiroshima mon amour

Directed by Christine Letailleur
Written by Marguerite Duras
Performed by Valérie Lang, Hiroshi Ota, Pier Lamandé
2 July at 12:30 ・ 3 July at 16:30

Ellipse Theatre DAENDO, Shizuoka Performing Arts Park
Duration:90 minutes

In French with Japanese subtitles

East and West, Man and Woman……war memories echo far over hedge.

Director Alain Resnais’ everlasting famous “Hiroshima mon amour” reborn on stage.

Hiroshima mon amour, is a story about a French actress and a Japanese Architect’s run in in Hiroshima. The actress, who holds a past of falling in love with an occupying German soldier during WWII, must relive her harsh memories through her relationship with the Japanese Architect. Both from opposite sides of the earth, both sharing memories of war, they wander all over town during the last remaining 24 hours before she must head home for France. Despite walking right past one another, and overcoming hedges that seem too high, what these two might just be looking for is a deep fundamental feeling of rescue.

This 2009 theatrical version is based on the scenario of Director Alain Resnais’ everlasting famous original Hiroshima mon amour, first shown in 1959. This movie, which takes place in Hiroshima, gained acclaim by elaborately capturing the “Hiroshima” from the western point of view. The female writer in charge of creating the scenario is Marguerite Duras, and the female director in charge of making it into a play is Christine Letailleur. The female performer who will play the lead role is Valerie Lang, an actress who along with Letailleur has transformed to stage such literary pieces as those of Marquis de Sade. With the writer, the director and performer being female professionals of their field, this version of Hiroshima mon amour, is a sensual and philosophical must see.


“She” is a 32-year-old French actress who came to Japan to film a movie about peace. The shoot is near finished and she is soon to head home. In France, she has a husband and two children. “He” is a Japanese Architect in his 40’s. He too is married. They don’t understand under which circumstances they have met, but they do know that they strongly want each other from the bottom of their hearts. However, in 24 hours time, they must say goodbye.

Supported by:institute francais/Pro Helvetia
Thanks to:L’Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo/La Ménagerie de verre – “Studio-Lab.” project
Endorsed by:Ambassade de France au Japon/Embassy of Switzerland in Japan