SPAC Autumn→Spring Season 2023-2024 #1
The Dancing Girl of Izu

“Touristic Drama”—Traveling Izu through Theatre and Video
A young man traveling alone to escape loneliness meets a female dancer along the way. Attracted to the girl, his troubled mind is gradually put at ease, but the time for them to part ways approaches… A novel by KAWABATA Yasunari, a Nobel Prize winner, is made into a theatrical play by TADA Junnosuke, who works as a director in multiple genres, including classical drama, modern play, dance, and performance art. Scenic footage of the beautiful Izu Region, a setting in the story, newly shot for the play is incorporated to provide a new style of “touristic drama.”

Script and Direction: TADA Junnosuke
Text: KAWABATA Yasunari
Video supervisor: MOTOHIRO Katsuyuki

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OUCHI Tomomi


KATO Yukio




NAGAI Sayako

FUSE Asuka






7 October, Saturday at 2:00 pm*Post-performance talk
29 October, Sunday at 2:00 pm*Backstage tour
11 November, Saturday at 2:00 pm*Backstage tour
12 November, Sunday at 2:00 pm*Guidance for theatre beginners
18 November, Saturday at 2:00 pm*Post-performance talk
19 November, Sunday at 2:00 pm*Backstage tour
At Shizuoka Arts Theatre

English, Simplified Chinese and Korean subtitles will be available for the performance on 29 October and 11 ,12,18,19 November.
We lend tablets to customers. Please come to the lending desk at the venue. (The number of rental tablets is limited.)

2023 15 December, Friday at 6:30 pm
At Shimoda Civic Culture Center
2023 23 December, Saturday at 1:30 pm
At Shuzenji Total Hall
2024 10 February, Saturday at 1:30 pm
At Hamamatsu Hamakita Cultur Center
2024 25 February, Sunday at 1:30 pm
At Numazu Civic Culture Center
Duration:130 minutes
In Japanese
*Please refrain from taking infants to the ordinary seats.

Related Events at Shizuoka Arts Theatre

Pre-Performance Talk
Starting 25 minutes before each performance.
Free of charge. No reservation required.
Post-Performance talk by the artists: after the performance.
7 Octorber, Saturday
18 November, Saturday

Free of charge. No reservation required.
バックステージツアーBackstage tour
The technical staff will take you on a special backstage tour.
29 Octorber, Sunday
11 November, Saturday
19 November, Sunday

Every day, after the performance
Time: About 30 minutes
Free of charge. Reservation required. Up to 40 people.
Guidance for theatre beginners
SPAC staff will give beginner audiences a lecture on what to look for and pay attention to before the performance. This event can be participated in by both those seeing the performance for the first time and repeaters.
12 November, Sunday at 12:30
Time: About 60 minutes
In Japanese
Free of charge. Reservation required. Up to 30 people.
Meet us at Cafe Cinderella!
After the performance, the actors will come to see you off in their stage costumes. We hope you will take this opportunity to interact with the actors!

Performances for junior and high-school students

SPAC believes that theaters are a window to the world, and that is why it invites junior high school and high school students in Shizuoka Prefecture to its free-of-charge programs.
It is scheduled that about 9,564 students from about 62 junior high and high schools in the prefecture will view the work at Shizuoka Arts Theatre and other venues.


Ticket Price

4,200 yen (One viewing for regular adult)

●Student Discount:
 [U25 and University students]2,000 yen
 [High school students and under]1,000 yen
 *Please present ID/student ID at door
●Disability discount: 2,900 yen (for those with a disability pocketbook)
 *Please present disability pocketbook or Mirairo ID at door
 *Free for One attendant.

*More than one discount cannot be claimed per purchase.
*Please claim any discount when making a reservation

SPAC Membership Discount
3,500 yen (One viewing for regular adult)
Pair Discount: 3,300 yen per person


How to Purchase

◆Prior Reservation for Membership begins:
 27 August at 10:00
◆Advance Tickets Sale begins:
 3 September at 10:00

[Shimoda, Shuzenji]
◆Prior Reservation for Membership begins:
 7 October at 10:00
◆Advance Tickets Sale begins:
 14 October at 10:00

[Hamakita, Numazu]
◆Prior Reservation for Membership begins:
 3 December at 10:00
◆Advance Tickets Sale begins:
 10 December at 10:00
●Online reservations
bnr_getti_e– Please enter from the language button “English”.
– Payment is possible with the following credit cards: DC, UFJ, NICOS, VISA, and Master. Tickets purchased through this website can be received at the venue from one hour prior to each performance.

●Phone reservations
from 10:00-18:00 at SPAC ticket center
TEL. +81-(0)54-202-3399

●Purchase at BOX Office
SPAC ticket center (10:00-18:00)
Day Ticket
Available at the entrance counter for leftover seats, from one hour prior to each performance.
*Please confirm ticket availability on the day by phone or by visiting X (@_SPAC_)

*Ticket reservations will finish at 18:00 on the day before the performance.

Please refrain from taking infants to the ordinary seats.

[Nursery room]
For the Shizuoka performances, there is a nursery room where parents can watch the program with their infant children.
*This service can only be reserved by phone or at the box office.

*A babysitting service is available on 11 November.


Stage design: FUKASAWA Eri
Lighting design: IWAKI Tamotsu
Sound design: HARADA Shinobu
Costume design: SEI Chigusa

Stage manager: OGAWA Tetsuro
Lighting operator: HANAWA Yuuki
Sound: OTSUKI Minori
Art work: SATO Yosuke, TSUKAMOTO Kana
Wardrobe: MAKINO Saho
Video: TAKEZAWA Akira
Director of video: ONO Shintaro

Technical director: MURAMATSU Atsushi
Production(Video): ISHII Moemi
Production: YUKIOKA Jun, KUGA Haruko
Managing director: NARUSHIMA Yoko

Poster design: ABE Taichi(TAICHI ABE DESIGN INC.)
Poster photo: MAKITA Natsumi(F4,5)
Produced by SPAC-Shizuoka Performing Arts Center
Approved by Fujinokuni Arts Festival
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan through the Japan Arts Council, Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities(Shizuoka and Shimoda)
Co-produced by Culture City of East Asia 2023 Shizuoka Prefecture Executive Committee
Organized by SPAC-Shizuoka Performing Arts Center, the Association of Public Theaters and Halls in Japan(Shuzenji)
Sponsored by Suruga bank Ltd., Izukyu Holdings Co.,Ltd.(Shimoda, Shuzenji and Numazu), Tokai Bus Inc.(Shimoda, Shuzenji and Numazu), The Mishima Shinkin Bank (Shimoda, Shuzenji and Numazu)
Co-operated by Kawazu Town, Izu Peninsula Geopark and Tourist Bureau(Shimoda, Shuzenji and Numazu)
Under the auspices of Kawazu Town Board of Education, Shimoda City, Shimoda City Board of Education(Shimoda), Izu City, Izu City Board of Education(Shuzenji), Hamamatsu City, Hamamatsu City Board of Education(Hamakita), Numazu City, Numazu City Board of Education



TADA Junnosuke

TADA Junnosuke is a theatrical director born in 1976. He presides over Tokyo Deathlock, and is engaged in works of various genres, including classical drama, modern plays, dance, and performance art. Along with such creative activities, he also holds important positions such as artistic director for public theaters, art director for municipalities, and festival director. In 2013, he became the first foreign-national winner of the 50th Dong-A Theater Award in Korea with “Karumeghi,” a jointly produced work by Japan and South Korea, He currently serves as a joint director for the Tokyo Festival, and is also a part-time lecturer for Shikoku Gakuin University and Joshibi University of Art and Design. For SPAC, he directed “Spinning Gears” (written by AKUTAGAWA Ryunosuke) in 2018.


About Culture City of East Asia
The Culture City of East Asia project is based on an agreement reached in 2022 at the 13th Japan-ChinaROK Culture Ministers’ Meeting to select cities from each of those countries to further the growth of arts and culture and carry out cultural exchange events in the region. As a result, in 2023 Shizuoka Prefecture was chosen to be a Culture City of East Asia along with Chengdu and Meizhou in China and Jeonju in South Korea. So now, as an internationally designated cultural capital,
Shizuoka is set to hold a wide range of events across the prefecture during 2023 — events that will promote the charms of Shizuoka and Japanese culture to the East Asia region and the world.