The Cherry Orchard

Story of a landowner living in an illusion of her past,
and funny people gathering at her estate

This masterpiece by Chekhov that continues to be loved throughout the world is turned into an ephemeral but beautiful world on stage by Daniel Jeanneteau, a French stage director, together with selected French and Japanese actors. Conversations among people who visit the estate are humorous as they are incompatible, reminding the audience of a sweet-and-sour romance that we have all experienced at least once. This is the long-awaited fourth round of the collaboration between Jeanneteau and SPAC, who have established a relationship of deep trust through works such as Blasted by Sarah Kane (2009), The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams (2011), and The Blind by Maurice Maeterlinck (2015).
▼A scene from the first round of stage rehearsals held at Shizuoka Arts Theater in August 2021

▼Stage photos


≪International collaboration work≫
Direction and Scenography: Daniel JEANNETEAU
Artistic collaboration, Dramaturgy, and Video: Mammar BENRANOU
Text: Anton CHEKHOV
Translation: André MARKOWICZ, Françoise MORVAN(French) ADACHI Noriko(Japanese)

Outline of the story
Ranevskaya ends her relationship with her lover in Paris and returns to her family estate after five years. However, because of accumulated debts, the cherry orchard she had cherished is about to be auctioned to pay for the mortgage…




FUSE Asuka

Solène ARBEL

ABE Kazunori


Aurélien ESTAGER



KATO Yukio




OUCHI Yoneji

The work is performed in Japanese and French,
with Japanese subtitles for French lines.




13 November, Saturday at 2:00pm
 *Guidance for theatre beginners
 *Post-performance talk
 *Nursery service
14 November, Sunday at 2:00pm
 *Backstage lecture
20 November, Saturday at 2:00pm
 *Post-performance talk
21 November, Sunday at 2:00pm
 *Backstage lecture
23 November, Tuesday at 2:00pm
 *Backstage lecture
28 November, Sunday at 2:00pm
 *Backstage lecture
12 December, Sunday at 2:00pm

Duration: 140 minutes
At Shizuoka Arts Theatre
In Japanese and French with Japanese subtitles
*Please refrain from taking infants to the ordinary seats.
3 December, Friday at 1:30pm
At Ryuyo Naginoki Kaikan, Iwata city
In Japanese and French with Japanese subtitles
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Related events

Pre-Performance Talk
Starting 25 minutes before each performance.
Post-performance talk by the artists: after the performance.
13 November,Saturday
20 November,Saturday

Backstage lecture
The technical staff will explain behind the scenes.
14 November,Sunday
21 November,Sunday
23 November,Tuesday
28 November, Sunday

Every day, after the performance
Time: About 30 minutes
Free of charge. No reservation required. 
Guidance for theatre beginners
SPAC actors will give beginner audiences a lecture on what to look for and pay attention to before the performance. This event can be participated in by both those seeing the performance for the first time and repeaters.
13 November,Saturday 12:30~13:30
In Japanese
Free of charge. Reservation required. Up to 20 people.

 Performed on the same day 
Special winter performance Dream and Derangement
A quiet homage to the late Claude RÉGY by Satoshi MIYAGI.

12 December, Sunday
At Shizuoka Performing Arts Park
Advance Tickets Sale begins: 13 November at 10:00

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Shizuoka Arts Theatre
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Please refrain from taking infants to the ordinary seats.
[Nursery room] (One family only per performance)
For both the Iwata and Shizuoka performances, there is a nursery room where parents can watch the program with their infant children.
*This service can only be reserved by phone or at the box office.


Lighting design: Juliette BESANÇON
Sound design: Isabelle SUREL
Music: TANAKAWA Hiroko
Costume design: KOMAI Yumiko

Stage manager: OGAWA Tetsuro
Stage: ICHIKAWA Kazumi, TSUCHIYA Katsunori
Lighting operation: HANAWA Yuuki
Lighting: KOBAYAKAWA Hiroya, MIZUNO Hikaru
Video technician: TAKEZAWA Akira
Video operation: MORITA Honoka
Sound: HARADA Shinobu, TAKESHIMA Chisato
Art work: FUKASAWA Eri, SATO Yosuke
Chair: HIKOSAKA Reiko
Wardrobe: YAMAMOTO Kana
Technical director: MURAMATSU Atsushi

Interpretation: ISHIKAWA Hiromi, YOKOYAMA Yoshiji, YAMADA Hiromi, HARA Mariko
Production: KEIMI Aoi, YONEYAMA Junichi, SAKANAKA Toshiki, OISHI Takako (Subtitle operation)
Flyer design: ABE Taichi (TAICHI ABE DESIGN INC.)
Promotion photo: HASHIMOTO Hirotaka
Organized by The Japan Foundation, SPAC-Shizuoka Performing Arts Center
Produced by SPAC-Shizuoka Performing Arts Center, T2G-Théâtre de Gennevilliers Centre Dramatique National
Co-produced by Théâtre des 13 vents CDN Montpellier


Daniel Jeanneteau

Daniel Jeanneteau is a director and a scenographer. After graduating from Strasbourg School of Decorative Arts, he studied drama at the school attached to the National Theatre of Strasbourg. While at school, he met Claude Régy, a maestro of the theater world in France, and was engaged in the scenography of his works for fifteen years thereafter. He also worked with many directors and choreographers, including Jean-Claude Gallotta, Trisha Brown, and Pascal Rambert. Since 2001, in collaboration with Marie-Christine Soma, he has been directing works by Racine, Strindberg, Sarah Kane, and Daniel Keene. After serving as the art director in Studio-Théâtre de Vitry from 2008, he assumed the post of theater director for T2G – Théâtre de Gennevilliers in 2017.

Mammar Benranou

After making efforts as a film director, cameraman and editor, Mammar Benranou directed Forêt D.88 (2007) based on a theatrical project by Guillaume Vincent. In 2009, he wrote and directed Le Chant des invisibles, an experimental documentary film. For SPAC, he was in charge of creating images used in the play The Glass Menagerie, and also produced a video recording the works by Daniel Jeanneteau from a unique viewpoint. He also designed images for the L’Annonce faite à Marie by Paul Claudel (directed by Yves Beaunesne, 2014). Recently, he has been working as a collaborator for Aguets, partition pour un cirque ensauvagé (2021), directed by Daniel Jeanneteau, with the students of the Académie Fratellini.