A hidden masterpiece by Shakespeare…. This is a story about us in the world infested with fake news.

A tyrant who considers that the end justifies the means, and a new king who rises to the pinnacle of power—who killed the tyrant? The story of Richard II of England, packed with the entertainment of a historical play by Shakespeare sheds light on our modern society, where people are still at the mercy of falsehoods, plagues, and wars.
*Performance in Japanese with English subtitles.

Directed by TERAUCHI Ayako
Written by William SHAKESPERARE
Translated by ODASHIMA Yushi

Stage design: FUKASAWA Eri
Costume design:SEI Chigusa
Lighting design: HANAWA Yuuki

▼A scene from the rehearsal




ABE Kazunori
King Richard II

Earl of Northumberland

OOTAKA Kouichi
Thomas Mowbray

Duchess of York

Duke of York



The guide of this play

NAGAI Sayako
Duke of Aumerle

Henry Bolingbroke



Queen to King Richard

YOSHIUE Soichiro
John of Gaunt




14 January, Saturday at 2:00pm *Post-performance talk
15 January, Sunday at 2:00pm *Post-performance talk
21 January, Saturday at 2:00pm *Guidance of Shakespeare for theatre beginners, Backstage lecture
22 January, Sunday at 2:00pm *Guidance of Shakespeare for theatre beginners, Backstage lecture
28 January, Saturday at 2:00pm *Special Post-performance talk *Backstage lecture
29 January, Sunday at 2:00pm *Backstage lecture

Duration:About 120 minutes
In Japanese with English subtitles
*Please refrain from taking infants to the ordinary seats.
At:Shizuoka Arts Theatre
2-3-1 Higashishizuoka, Suruga-ku Shizuoka City, Shizuoka, Japan
● Approx. 5 minutes walk from South exit of JR Higashi-Shizuoka Station.
The entrance is on the east side (towards Shimizu) of the Granship building.
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《COVID-19 Prevention Measures》
Requests to All Visitors

In addition to the following, please be sure to read [Important] Measures for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 and Requests to All Visitors as well.

●Please check your physical condition before coming to the theater.
(If you have a fever or other symptoms, please refrain from visiting the theater.)
●Your body temperature will be taken at the theater entrance using thermography or a non-contact thermometer. If your temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius, you will be asked to refrain from entering the theater.

Related Events

Pre-Performance Talk
Starting 25 minutes before each performance.
Free of charge. No reservation required.
Post-Performance talk by the artists: after the performance.
14 January, Saturday
15 January, Sunday

Free of charge. No reservation required.

Special Post-Performance talk : after the performance.
28 January, Saturday
Free of charge. No reservation required.

Backstage lecture
The technical staff will explain behind the scenes.
21 January, Saturday
22 January, Sunday
28 January, Saturday
29 January, Sunday

Every day, after the performance
Time: About 30 minutes
Free of charge. No reservation required. 

Performances for junior and high-school students

SPAC believes that theaters are a window to the world, and that is why it invites junior high school and high school students in Shizuoka Prefecture to its free-of-charge programs.
It is scheduled that about 2,540 students from about 17 junior high and high schools in the prefecture will view the work at Shizuoka Arts Theatre.


Ticket Price

4,200 yen (One viewing for regular adult)

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Day Ticket
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Please refrain from taking infants to the ordinary seats.
[Nursery room] (One family only per performance)
For the Shizuoka performances, there is a nursery room where parents can watch the program with their infant children.
*This service can only be reserved by phone or at the box office.
*A babysitting service is available on January 22.


Stage manager: OGAWA Tetsurou
Stage: SUGIYAMA Yuri, TSUCHIYA Katsunori
Lighting: MIZUNO Hikaru, MORITA Honoka
Sound: TAKESHIMA Chisato, MAKI Daisuke
Art Work: YOSHIDA Yuna
Wardrobe: YAMAMOTO Kana
English subtitling: KATAOKA Sachiko
English subtitle translation (commentary part): Mika EGLINTON
English subtitle manipulation: SUZUBAYASHI Mari
Technical director: MURAMATSU Atsushi
Production: KUGA Haruko, TOYOSHIMA Yuji
Intern: KATO Hazuki, MURAYAMA Megumi
Flyer design: SHIMODA Rie
Flyer Photo: IMAI Tomoki

Produced by SPAC-Shizuoka Performing Arts Center
Supported by Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities, the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan through the Japan Arts Council



26_寺内亜矢子 s

Ms. TERAUCHI became involved in plays in 1997 in KU NA’ UKA Theater Company. Since the company entered a fallow period in 2007, she has been based at SPAC and appearing on stages in Japan and abroad, while also being engaged in physical expression education at Tokyo University of the Arts. She is an internationally active, multitalented professional involved in all aspects of performing arts creation, including acting, directing, musical performance, musical construction, dramaturgy, interpretation, and translation. She worked as a SPAC director for several plays, including Ootto Eetto Eejanaika (2020) , Chushingura 2021 (co-direction), Three Primary Colors (2022).