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Spring Arts Festival Shizuoka 2008 - The world is a stage!

From May 10 (Sat) to June 29 (Sun) Two months of the greatest performing arts of the world, exclusively in Shizuoka!

Spring Arts Festival 2008 The world is a stage!

From May 10 (Sat) to June 29 (Sun) Two months of the greatest performing arts of the world, exclusively in Shizuoka!

Come and see! Get taken to another dimension. Tickets are now on sale at SPAC Ticket Center (Tel: 054-202-3399) Shizuoka Performing Arts Center (SPAC)
79-4 Ikeda, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi,
Shizuoka 422-8005 Tel. +81-54-203-5730
Fax +81-54-203-5732

In 1999, the 2nd Theatre Olympics took place in Shizuoka, and the first-rate performances which were gathered from all over the world captivated a lot of audience. This achievement led us to launch “Spring Arts Festival Shizuoka” in 2000. Since then, this festival has been received international attention. Last year, Satoshi Miyagi took over as artistic director from Tadashi Suzuki, and “Spring Arts Festival Shizuoka” also made a clear start. This year, we take you to the frontier of the world stage with 15 great performances from 10 countries.

Buy Tickets
Tickets are on sale now!

Tickets to all shows can be reserved by phone at 054-202-3399, or online (the online ticket page is in Japanese only) through this site, or purchased at the ticket center,

The SPAC ticket center is located at Shizuoka Arts Center
79-4 Ikeda, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi,

Ticket center hours (for both phone and walk-up sale) are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (weekdays) and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays).

Rush Ticket: Rush tickets would be sold from 10 a.m. on the day of the performance at the SPAC ticket center counter. (Please make sure there still are tickets available by phone on the day of the performance. This is NOT a discount ticket.)

The reception counter will be open an hour before the show starts.

Ticket Price

Electra, Looking for a Missing Employee, Demon Lake, Hiberiniyo, Elizabeth II, Krishnacharitam, Narashimhavataram, Segull―Play, Antigone, Forging the Swards, Récréation Primitive, Nameless Hands, The Comic Illusions, Epistle to Young Actors: 4,000 yen each. (Pair Ticket – Special price for two: 7,000 yen)

The Tale of Haruk: 2,000 yen


Family Ticket

Recreation Primitive – for one adult and one child (elementary school age and under) 4,500 yen The Tale of Haruk – for one adult and one child (junior high school age and under) 2,500yen

Student Ticket

College/Career college student: 2000 yen
High school student age and under: 1000 yen
Note: Valid ID required on the day of the performance

We will invite 30 junior high school students in Shizuoka prefecture for each performance which takes place at Shizuoka Arts Theatre. Applications and Inquires to: Shizuoka Cultural Policy of Shizuoka Prefectural Government (Shizuoka kencho bunka seisaku shitsu) TEL. 054-221-2857

“Show-Hopper” Ticket

This ticket allows you to see two performances of one weekend with the same special price as Pair Ticket (Two tickets: 7,000yen!).

※The price of “Show-Hopper” Ticket for The Tale of Haruk and Elizabeth II is 5,000 yen (regular price is 2,000 yen + 4,000 yen = 6,000yen).
Note: This ticket cannot be used with other discount tickets, such as Student Ticket.

How to pay for tickets

After reserving tickets, they may be paid for directly at the box office or by wire transfer to the following bank accounts:

 口座&口座番号Bank account and Account number:
静岡銀行 Shizuoka Bank呉服町支店 Gofukucho branch(普通口座)1014828
スルガ銀行 Suruga Bank静岡県庁支店 Shizuoka Kencho branch(普通口座)2175026
清水銀行 Shimizu Bank本店 Main branch(普通口座)2294875
静岡信用金庫 Shizuoka Shinyo Kinko本店 Main branch(普通口座)0978698
静清信用金庫 Seishin Shinyo Kinko本店 Main branch(普通口座)0154258
静岡県信用農業協同組合連合会 Shizuoka-ken Shinyo Nogyo Kyodo Kumiai Rengo-kai
 本店  Main branch(普通口座)0095049

口座名義 Account holder 財団法人 静岡県舞台芸術センター Shizuoka-ken Butaigeijutsu Center

Note: Please pay only after you have reserved your seats by phone or through the online. Payments made without prior reservations will not be accepted.

“Spring Arts Festival Shizuoka” Map

You can’t talk about 2008 without coming to see these three performances! This line-up is beyond events: it’s a phenomenon.

  • Tadashi Suzuki captivated Russian spectators in coproduction with Taganka Theatre with this performance, Electra.
  • In Demon Lake, the artistic director of SPAC, Satoshi Miyagi, dramatizes the romantic and beautiful world of Yasha-ga-ike written by Kyoka Izumi.
  • Olivier Py, a super talented director from France, presents his masterpieces―Illusion Comic and Epistle to Young Actors.

You will discover the possibilities of human body in these three jaw-dropping worlds.

Both adults and kids cannot help loving these two superb entertainments!

  • Using masks and puppets, Korean company Tuida presents this bizarre yet familiar musical play, The Tale of Haruk.
  • Cameroon dancer/choreographer Merlin Nyakam is back with Récréation Primitive

Theatre is said to be a mirror which reflects the world. These five plays depict the truth of human beings on the earth. The truth we would never see in the news.

  • Rabih Mroué who already grabbed spectators’ attention at many arts festivals in Japan presents a political, experimental, yet, hysterical performance, Looking for a Missing Employee.
  • Legendary German actor Gert Voss plays Elizabeth II written by one of the best playwrights of the 20th century, Thomas Bernhard.
  • Talented Brazilian theatre artist Enrique Diaz reconstructs Chekov’s Seagull as Seagull―Play, dealing with “acting” itself.
  • Israeli veteran director Hanan Snir projects the fate of the modern Israel civilization on the gigantic world-view of Greek tragedy in Antigone.
  • Based on Tottori, Bird Theatre Company TOTTORI, led by Makoto Nakashima, richly dramatizes the world of the father of Chinese modern literature Lu Xung in Forging the Swards―out of “Old Tales Retold” written by Lu Xung.
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